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January 1, 1970 Archives

Want a little inspiration to fuel your Valentine’s Day ardor? Check out this website of historic love letters by famous composers, politicians, writers, poets, and others. Some samples: From Abigail Adams to John Adams, December, 1782: I look back to […]

As you spoon that precious dab of honey into your tea today, consider this sad news: bee keepers are reporting a dramatic decrease in their bee populations, which will not only influence future honey production but also the crops and […]

Anyone interested in the mainstreaming of Eastern philosophy will find this New York Times Sports section article by Lee Jenkins fascinating. It’s about the yoga and meditation work some pro-ball pitchers are incorporating into their training. “If you can calm […]

Wow, what passionate sentiments were stirred by my blog post about which goddess stories of ancient mythology had parallels to the life story of late celebrity oddball Anna Nicole Smith! Let me make some quick clarifications, as perhaps the headline […]