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January 1, 1970 Archives

It was my understanding that Zoloft and Prozac were “smart” antidepressants, drugs that could lift the depressed out of the darkness and in some cases, jumpstart the brain into recognizing happiness. Tall order, I know. It was also my initial […]

Parabola has always been the most sovereign of the religious/spiritual periodicals. Its distinguished authors and epic themes make it “The New Yorker” of its league. It’s always gorgeous. But its fate sometimes becomes that of the other distinguished mags: It […]

I don’t know about this. It says exposure to tea-tree and lavender oils can change the estrogen levels of young boys, and in rare cases, make their breasts enlarge. My sons have used tea-tree oil shampoos off and on for […]

Thanks to reader John Beck for this: “Just a comment on the Rudolf Steiner-induced tv guilt — since he died in 1925, any views assigned to him about tv are extrapolation. Your own use of tv with your children is […]