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If your hands, arms, and shoulders ache from long hours at the computer, you might glean good information by reading Ergoblog, a well-executed site that reviews the latest keyboards and desk chairs, and discusses the possible relationship between stress injuries and food allergies.

A full-spectrum, vitamin-B supplement has helped my tendonitis somewhat, and discipling myself to never, never blog on the portable computer at the dining room table, (where the table height is all wrong, and the keyboard is too small) has been helpful too.

Additionally, I’m loving Microsoft’s Ergo Keyboard 4000 right now. And this DVD of hand and arm exercises is excellent. Here’s a longer blog post on the subject. I also correct my children’s posture when they’re at the computer and when they’ll let me. It’s my belief that if I weren’t the Music Man, there’d be trouble in River City.

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