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December 2006 Archives

So I showed up on time for my yoga class, feeling down in the mouth and fat. Class began and I moved through the sun salutations, focused on my unattractiveness. Too heavy. Too old. Oh woe, woe, woe. It’s amazing […]

Here’s why I love * It boasts 6,100 Christian hymns and gospel songs, and can play any one you want to hear immediately upon request. * Its web pages are sweetly under-art-directed. * Its computer-generated piano playing is straight-laced […]

This NYT article about messy desks (and closets and basements) possibly being a symptom of a creative, lively existence is of some comfort. I still want to unload more of the clutter in our basement come 2007, and help you […]

The folks at Beliefnet who watch over me and push the buttons to publish Chattering Mind will be off next week. This means that no matter how much I want to blog, I’ll have to enjoy my children, do some […]

Here’s a shot of a recent, large Santa Rampage in New York City’s Central Park. Santa Rampages (also known as Red Menaces, SantaCons or Santa Conferences) are exuberant expressions of the holiday spirit. Folks wearing rented or purchased Santa suits […]

I have great love for a writer who calls himself Corax (after the first teacher of rhetoric in Greece, I guess). Corax was the author of the now defunct Buddhist blog “Ow, My Blog” (where did it go? I can’t […]

Please attend to the marvelous posts about December 21st and the Winter Solstice that Waverly Fitzgerald has on her site,, as well as the excellent solstice summary she wrote for Beliefnet. This day in December is the feast day […]

Did you know that on one Christmas Day during World War I, German and British soldiers on the Western Front crawled out of their trenches, shook hands, shared cigarettes, and then played soccer for one peaceful hour, improvising when they […]

Do you ever describe yourself as “spiritual, but not religious?” I actually don’t since my personal faith leaves room for a lot of doubt. I don’t reject religious affiliation by insisting that I’m merely a “spiritual” person. I can stay […]

I found this prayer by Christine Robinson on the Unitarian Universalist Association’s website today and thought some of you might be able to adapt it for use with family and friends this week. An excerpt: Like the harried innkeeper, may […]