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The folks at DuPont have regrouped and are now fighting allegations from the EPA that their Teflon coating on non-stick cookware includes a chemical that is a “likely carcinogen.”

The gasses Teflon produces at high heat are certainly bad for pet birds; DuPont addresses the canary-in-a-coal-mine problem here. Lately, I’ve been noticing an expensive ad campaign in women’s magazines featuring Carlonda R. Reilly, Dupont’s manager of global technology saying, “As a scientist, I make Teflon. As a mother, I use it.”

I’ve gotten rid of all my Teflon and I haven’t looked back, though I do find myself working overtime to remove more encrusted omelette from my iron skillets (and eesh, I feel quilty that my old pans are festering in some landfill).

Where do you stand on the Teflon question?

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