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I’ve just moved into a new apartment. In Brooklyn, land of my ancestors. It’s sweet and cozy, and at 500 square feet just about double the size of my last place (I know, we’re ridiculous here). I’m obsessive about making […]

Wow, if you think your Thanksgiving was sub-par or just average, read a few of the thousands of posts Martha Stewart got when she asked readers to talk about the lessons they learned from their worst Thanksgivings ever. Burned turkeys, […]

Thanksgiving can be a tough time for people who don’t eat poultry, especially when their relatives are enthusiastic meat eaters. No doubt plenty of vegans are sitting down to a family meal that disgusts them, and families aren’t always as […]

If your kids love to to sculpt their food before they eat it, they’ll love this.

I found a choppy, but fact-filled run-down on the religious upbringing of late, great film director Robert Altman: “Catholicism was, to me, school,’ he has said. “It was restrictions; it was things you had to do. It was your parents. […]

Janene Mascarella wrote a wonderful piece for The Washington Post about the powerful experience of thanking people who’d been helpful to her in the past. Often nervous that the folks she was thanking would find her absurdly nutty, she was […]

Well, why not? The website sells aprons and T-shirts that will keep your gratitude close to your heart all year, not just on Thanksgiving. The blog at this site is just getting going, but you’ll find several nice posts […]

Deepak Chopra was schooled in medicine, but his greatest love has always been the study of the soul. His views in the new book “Life After Death: The Burden of Proof” seem especially relevant, as death seems–rightly or wrongly–closer to […]

Sweet essay here on (the online mag for seekers in their 20s and 30s). In it, author Jeff Guhin gets into a conversation on saintly behavior with the Catholic teens he teaches.

Well, someone had to improve the standard cookie cutter.