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Deepak Chopra was schooled in medicine, but his greatest love has always been the study of the soul. His views in the new book “Life After Death: The Burden of Proof” seem especially relevant, as death seems–rightly or wrongly–closer to us all in this post-9/11 world. I encourage you to read Laura Sheahen’s conversation with Chopra here. My favorite bit is when he says: “I see my body and my mind as the instruments through which I’m broadcasting myself, but, I’m not in it. It’s something that I use to localize myself.”

Here’s an excerpt from the book. Here’s Deepak speaking about the physical body as a “field of ideas,” and here’s a link to Chopra’s active blog on, an outlet he organized with his adult children Gotham and Mallika, and filmmaker Shekhar Kapur. And here’s Beliefnet’s new Chopra page, where you can find everything Deepak all in one place.

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