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My name is Valerie and I’m a Satya-holic. As often as I can afford (only a few times a year, really), I go to Satya, a wonderful “yoga-inspired” jewelry store. I walk across the slate floors and gaze at lotuses and Buddhas and Ganeshas and sparkling stones arranged by color. I try on everything yummy (basically the entire store). And then, if I’m feeling flush enough, I’ll put down for a dangly, gold-vermeil-covered something-something that manages to make me feel luxe and sexy and spiritual in one trinkety swoop.

I know there’s something intrinsically contradictory about yoga jewelry, especially yoga jewelry that’s sold in a cute boutique on a trendy New York City street. But I love the stuff. It’s organic and fancy and earthy and inspiring. And Friday brings the moment I’ve been waiting for since last December: the Satya sample sale!

I shouldn’t even be telling you (these things are crowded enough!), but this year Satya is adding a very small sample sale section to their website. So no matter where you live, you can taste the Satya magic at less than half of retail (I swear they’re not paying me). Here are the details for you to spiritually sample-shop online:

On December 1, 2, and 3 go to Click the “Sample Sale” section where all sales will be final. And lovely.

By Valerie Reiss. Amy’s on vacation.

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