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Thanks to CM reader Johanna for writing this: “Can we take Down Syndrome off the list of socially acceptable reasons to terminate a pregnancy? …Many people are misled into thinking that a diagnosis of Down Syndrome is a death sentence for the child or the family. This is simply not the case. My son, who has Down Syndrome, has an IQ of 102,is bright, gregarious, outgoing, and there is no better teacher of compassion and beauty.

“And, for those who believe that somehow they are not the “super mom” that I am; that somehow I can do this, but you never could—-please know I am no different than any other mother. Each day, I put one foot in front of the other, am fiercely devoted to my child and creating opportunities for him. I just have the extra duty of making the world realize their dated beliefs (like lazily using the ‘R’ word or believing in segregated educations) about his disability.

“It’s October, Down Syndrome awareness month; why not challenge your beliefs about Down Syndrome? It’s ok to admit you don’t know—-hey, I had to have a child with Down Syndrome before I knew. Here are some ideas:

1) Learn more about it:

2) Make friends with someone who has Down Syndrome:

3) Learn more about individuals who have Down Syndrome:

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