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In response to my post on getting material rewards or perks for volunteer work outside the obvious communal/spiritual benefits, CM reader Daria wrote: “I belong to one non-profit that sees a surge of workers only when we give out movie passes. (And the work gets done.) Another provides breakfast and people blow in from out of town. (And the work gets done.)…

“Today I helped paint a classroom at a daycare center. There was more work than volunteers, but it felt almost effortless because of the spirit that brought us together. To me, it was an act of holiness. But I didn’t always get this. I once did volunteer work begrudgingly, selfishly, and with a sense of duty, or even guilt. I often thought more of how it would fit my schedule than benefit another.

“Today I do it with an open heart, thinking of the people I’m serving. I’m full of gratitude for the privilege and the wherewithall to meet someone else’s need.”

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