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People who commemorate the Day of the Dead aren’t the only ones occasionally preoccupied with bones, skeletons, and earthly remains. Some Tibetan Buddhists and some Hindus use or wear skull malas to more deeply contemplate death and impermanence. I found […]

Wikipedia has a lengthy write-up on the term “New Age” including links that will extend you in many directions. Take a look. It has more crop circle mentions than I might like, I guess. But the writers did a thorough […] has launched a blog called “Beyond Blue” which chronicles the spiritual life and thinking of Therese J. Borchard, a wife, mom, and writer who copes with depression, and knows the topic from the inside. You might also be fascinated […]

You’ll discover the real meaning of Halloween, Samhain, and the Day of the Dead by clicking here and reading Waverly Fitzgerald’s commentary on each of these celebrations. Still more can be yours when you pay nine dollars for her downloadable […]

Since I wrote about Halloween candy last week, I’ve located two websites with tips on natural sweets. “Queen of Green” Debra Lynn Dadd, promoted these natural candy mixes in a recent newsletter. And the Feingold Association (which helps kids whose […]

Here’s an article about from yesterday’s USAToday, featuring a photo of Steven Waldman, my husband (usually referred to here as “Mr. Chattering”).

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Do you gleefully register for meditation workshops, show up on time, take notes in a pretty new notebook, and then PROMPTLY FALL ASLEEP when that all-important guided meditation begins? Please have no shame! Others are snoring beside you. In the […]

Here are some nice segments from Deepak Chopra’s new call-in show on Sirius Satellite Radio. One caller asks how she can honor her body’s need for peace while she’s working a high-stress job. You can also catch a snippet of […]

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is a hugely exciting effort. And you’ll be amazed at how an ordinary looking woman is turned into a bionic, completely fake billboard star in this new commercial, “Evolution.” Makeup artists, hairdressers, fashion stylists, photographers, […]