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“Sincerely yours,” wasn’t working. So I started to end my emails to everybody with a “Best.” But then “Best” began to align itself with “Cheers,” which feels like a perfunctory kiss-off. So I shifted to “Fondly.” I never flirted with “Warm regards.”

“Fondly” is fine. “Very fondly,” might be better. But then, as I became more connected to my colleagues and pen pals, I switched to “Yours always,” (which has an “As your servant” quality to it). I also like “Warmly” and “Very warmly.”

I’ve edited articles by spiritual teachers, who even when they’re disagreeing on word changes, sign their letters with a big-hearted “Love.” This shocked me at first, but I’ve learned to bask in the word’s affectionate glow.

“Bright blessings,” or “With Blessings,” are catching on as ways to conclude spiritual correspondence. “In love and light” and “With love and light” are now hugely popular. Today I got a letter from a Feng Shui teacher signed “Much Light,” cozy since it withholds the “With.”

My Dad’s sign off is always “God Bless.” My sister uses “Take good care.” The Yiddish salute of choice might be “Zei gezunt” meaning “be in good health.” “Peace” and “Shalom” are classic, but not for everybody.

The benediction “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace” has always worked for me, but it’s best spoken by a minister with one arm raised at the back of a sanctuary!

So how do you end emails to your spiritually-attuned buddies, or anyone you care about? Do tell!

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