Chattering Mind

When your brain is stimulated in specific places, you may feel as if you’ve left your body, or as if shadowy, phantom people are seated beside you. Read more about the latest research in experiences some might call “paranormal” here.

I don’t think people who believe in paranormal realities see research like this as damaging to their point of view. For years, transpersonal psychologists and paranormal reseachers have been begging for more study in these areas so we all may differentiate what’s explainable from what’s not.

Here’s a list of books on paranormal and altered states of consciousness by pioneering thinker Charles T. Tart (who has an online directory of narratives written by scientists who’ve experienced the paranormal. I can’t access the link today for some reason, but here it is anyway). And here‘s the text of a speech by a researcher and theorist named Eric Weiss–whom I’ve been meaning to quote for you here–calling for more research into “subtle” realms and dream states.

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