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January 1, 1970 Archives

Thanks to my old pal Alan Pell Crawford, now a regular contributor to Vegetarian Times, for alerting us all this month to a legislative effort supported by food industry companies to nulify many state laws regulating food safety by imposing […]

People who commemorate the Day of the Dead aren’t the only ones occasionally preoccupied with bones, skeletons, and earthly remains. Some Tibetan Buddhists and some Hindus use or wear skull malas to more deeply contemplate death and impermanence. I found […]

Wikipedia has a lengthy write-up on the term “New Age” including links that will extend you in many directions. Take a look. It has more crop circle mentions than I might like, I guess. But the writers did a thorough […] has launched a blog called “Beyond Blue” which chronicles the spiritual life and thinking of Therese J. Borchard, a wife, mom, and writer who copes with depression, and knows the topic from the inside. You might also be fascinated […]