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January 1, 1970 Archives

Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is a hugely exciting effort. And you’ll be amazed at how an ordinary looking woman is turned into a bionic, completely fake billboard star in this new commercial, “Evolution.” Makeup artists, hairdressers, fashion stylists, photographers, […]

Homeopathy. Natural child birth. Osteopathy. Charter schools. Home school. Whole foods. Positive parenting. Protecting the earth. If you’re a mother and these words or phrases light your fire, you’re probably a proud “holistic mom.” Good news! Now, there’s a growing […]

Be sure to click around and notice’s fabulous redesign. You’ll find easier navigation, a cleaner look, and so many more ways to interact with our spiritual, religious, and inspirational content. There’s also a new section for you spiritual-but-not-religious folks, […]

You’ve ironed leaves in wax paper. But have you tried to make roses from leaves? Pretty, don’t you think? And this could be the perfect weekend to make this autumnal craft project. [via]