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January 1, 1970 Archives

Thanks to CM reader Johanna for writing this: “Can we take Down Syndrome off the list of socially acceptable reasons to terminate a pregnancy? …Many people are misled into thinking that a diagnosis of Down Syndrome is a death sentence […]

Here’s a motherly tip, unaffiliated with any particular religious wisdom tradition: Do one small thing today that will prepare you for cooler weather and the holidays at year’s end. Bring your sweaters out of storage, choose dates for your own […]

“WE are the saviors. We are the help. We are the hands and ears and eyes of heaven and earth. Evolution is happening through us, not to us. We are like the leaves on the maple tree outside my window. […]

I am grateful to CM reader Pacific231 for taking the time to write this: “I am hardly the most appropriate person to stick up for Christianity. But the exceptional author and scholar Marcus Borg notes that when atheists set out […]