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January 1, 1970 Archives

You can now get “Enlightenment” Visa credit cards that reward you in “points” redeemable for spiritual retreats, teacher trainings, a session with a spiritual “master,” and workshops. You may also convert your points into charitable contributions for things like breast […]

“If we do not step out of spiritual materialism, if we in fact practice it, then we may eventually find ourselves possessed of a huge collection of spiritual paths. We may feel these spiritual collections to be very precious. We […]

Last year, I bought this CD of Jewish cello masterpieces. Clean deliveries. No soul or depth. Don’t buy it. But check out these renditions of the same melodies. Much better. Good for rainy days and any period of mourning or […]

“When justice burns within us like a flaming fire, when love evokes willing sacrifice from us, when, to the last full measure of selfless devotion, we demonstrate our belief in the ultimate triumph of truth and righteousness, then Your goodness […]