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September 2006 Archives

Atheists will applaud the website But if you believe in God, or are on the fence about God’s presence, you’ll still be fascinated. The authors try to explain as clearly as is conceivable–as if they are speaking to fourth […]

Click here to learn more about Environmental Action’s “pledge to pay the difference” campaign. Upon collecting 3,600 pledges, the group is hoping to tell U.S. auto makers that E.A. members will pay more for environmentally friendly vehicles–if U.S. makers create […]

What a great moment of the year to encourage the children in your life to build fairy houses, pint-sized outdoor residences for the spritely nature divas and spirits that bless the earth, commune with frogs and bugs, cobble shoes, and […]

Has the urge to go Green ruffled your nesting instincts? Today, I scanned this impressive list of environmentally-sound home product manufacturers compiled by “Home Safe Home” author Debra Lynn Dadd.

Do you work in a place where deadlines aren’t respected and coworkers complain about management behind closed doors? Does every morning pep talk get ridiculed at lunch? Do you ever feel as though there’s a sameness to everything and that […]

Oh, I loved this article about hikers who gather in pro-barefoot groups to traverse the world’s trails without shoes. Learn more about their activities through The Society for Barefoot Living’s website.

Rabbi Michael Lerner has posted an item on a blog for “Spiritual Progressives” in which he encourages everyone to “take advantage of the Jewish custom of repentance at the High Holy Days” (a period of soul-searching and renewal that launched […]

Blessed is the grace that crowns the sky with stars, and keeps the planets on their ways; the law that turns our night to day, and fills the eye with light; the love that keeps us whole, and day by […]

In the name of eating seasonally, Ayurvedic teacher John Douillard, Ph.D., recommends eating two to four apples a day from now until Halloween, “along with more pomegranates, other ripe seasonal fruit, and veggies.” If you’ve got a moment, try his […]

I was thinking that telegraphing love to irritating people and struggling to keep lines of communication open were the themes of my week alone, but apparently, we’re all under the influence of a new moon and solar eclipse that can […]