Chattering Mind
January 1, 1970 Archives

Do you work in a place where deadlines aren’t respected and coworkers complain about management behind closed doors? Does every morning pep talk get ridiculed at lunch? Do you ever feel as though there’s a sameness to everything and that […]

Oh, I loved this article about hikers who gather in pro-barefoot groups to traverse the world’s trails without shoes. Learn more about their activities through The Society for Barefoot Living’s website.

Rabbi Michael Lerner has posted an item on a blog for “Spiritual Progressives” in which he encourages everyone to “take advantage of the Jewish custom of repentance at the High Holy Days” (a period of soul-searching and renewal that launched […]

Blessed is the grace that crowns the sky with stars, and keeps the planets on their ways; the law that turns our night to day, and fills the eye with light; the love that keeps us whole, and day by […]