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January 1, 1970 Archives

A woman took a parking place of mine today as I was sitting in front of the exiting vehicle with my blinkers on. She just dove in there, as parking thieves are prone to do. But I didn’t honk. I […]

Even before I looked at your posts regarding what you do when you dislike or hate someone, I found wisdom in the September issue of ‘Shambhala Sun’ (such a good magazine), which referred to Thich Nhat Hanh’s advice on managing […]

“In the long run I am only temporarily an American. I will not be labeled or trapped into any collectivity on the basis that I have some fixed essence that belongs to that collectivity.” —Robert Thurman, quoted in this month’s […]

Delighting in the publication of her latest book “On Becoming Fearless…. in Love, Work, and Life,” author Arianna Huffington has launched a lively blog (a sub-blog of her popular Huffington Post site) on overcoming whatever dread holds you back. Here‘s […]