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January 1, 1970 Archives

Whoah, baby! Have a look at this off-the-wall inverted posture.

I noticed a little sign on the cooler shelf today that essentially said, “Sorry, we’re trying to keep bottles of G.T. Dave’s Kombucha tea in stock, but you guys keep buying us out. Bear with us.” On his website, G.T. […]

How fascinating that so many of us have felt unprepared when asked to sputter life wisdom, baby blessings, and parenting advice at spiritual baby showers. Let’s help each other with good material! Send your suggestions in! Here are a few […]

“Tibetan Prayer Flags Inside!” Sure enough, inside the International Campaign for Tibet’s direct mail envelope (which arrived at my home today), is a neatly folded two-inch square prayer flag garland. How could one not send money back?