Chattering Mind
January 1, 1970 Archives

You know how it is when someone starts telling you something about yourself? If you’re like me, you listen a little and then pass out. Thankfully, I did take notes. It felt like Waterfall was saying to me, “You must […]

“Oh, it’s such a kick to photograph children’s auras,” Waterfall said gleefully as she tore the membrane off the Polaroid prints. “The energy of children is so BIG! See? You can’t even see their bodies or faces!” Sure enough, both […]

Waterfall also warmed to the twelve-year-old Chattering’s aura, which she said was similar to his brother’s, but maturing nicely with some comforting, sheltering green evident with the yellow and orange. “I see this green in the auras of people who […]

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt your own aura–or energy field–or seen a loved one’s hue or essence. But, you’ve probably taken an immediate dislike to an individual, or inexplicably felt drawn to someone else for some intangible something-or-other. […]