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There’s so much to explore on Robert Wright’s, a series of cosmic webcast interviews admirably picked up by the webzine You’ll have to visit more than once.

Wright is a Schwartz Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, and the author of three laudable books: “Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny,” “The Moral Animal: Evolutionary Psychology and Everyday Life,” and “Three Scientists and Their Gods: Looking for Meaning in an Age of Information.” Here, Wright seems so driven–as a well-rounded intellectual–to find answers concerning the existence of God, religious study and practice, that he’s traveled miles to film the world’s best resources talking to him on these subjects. The tone Wright takes with his guests seems to be that of a reverent skeptic still earnestly searching.

On the site, you’ll find Wright’s filmed conversations with noted authors, religious studies scholars, physicists, and scientists including Lorenzo Albacete, Daniel Dennett, Freeman Dyson, Francis Fukuyama, Owen Gingerich, Joseph Goldstein, Ursula Goodenough, John Haught, John Maynard Smith, Andrew Newberg, Arthur Peacocke, Steven Pinker, Robert Pollack, Omid Safi, Sharon Salzberg, Huston Smith, Brian Swimme, Keith Ward, and Edward O. Wilson. Much as I’d like to link to each one of these people, it’s too much work. Go to the site.

Here‘s Wright’s meandering talk about meditation and mystical experience with world religion scholar Huston Smith (a shining star on my list of glittering people).

If you don’t want to listen to the interviews online, there are places on the site where you can get transcripts.

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