Chattering Mind

You DID, however, like my chattering thoughts on the reduced importance of physical beauty, beauty you have to mimic or buy.

Says Stacey-Robin H. Johnson: “I think culture-by-culture we are becoming more aware of our true selves, sans 6-pack abs.”

Asks Myrna: “Does this mean that I can stop coloring my hair and give up worrying about a breast cancer re- occurrence because of toxins in the coloring agent?

Says Kathryn: “Life is not about appearances; it’s about the action of living life to the fullest and being just who God created, minus the hair coloring, finger/toenail polish, botox injections, etc.”

“Think of the smiles on people’s faces that come in natural colors and shapes. Imagine the smiles on children’s faces who are no longer hungry. Now that’s REAL BEAUTY!” writes Nancy J.

Says Kitty: “…just think what a warm, caring smile could do for someone who needs a friend, for a child who only needs love or an elder person with no one to care. Just a simple smile could brighten up their day and show us all a glimpse of heaven.”

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