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Thanks to CM regular Daria who posted this:

Another view, disturbing as it is, says “War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning”… According to Chris Hedges, author of a book by that title, ‘The seduction of war is insidious because so much of what we are told about it is true-—it does create a feeling of comradeship which obliterates our alienation… we find nobility in a cause and feelings of selflessness and even bliss. And at a time of soaring deficits and financial scandals and the very deterioration of our domestic fabric, war is a fine diversion.’

Shocking, isn’t it? But it helps explain a legislative body willing to cough up over $301 billion in war funding and over half the voting populace re-electing the incumbent.

Daria also sent along links to “Thinking Peace,” and The Center for Nonviolent Communication. And here’s where you can view your legislators’ voting scorecard on matters of war and peace.

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