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A lot of you guys didn’t embrace the “Yoga Mom” moniker, and you haven’t bought into the notion that yoga moms have political clout…yet. Heck. George Stephanopoulos didn’t call either. One day, you’ll look back and say, “Chattering Mind called […]

Thanks to Debra Lynn Dadd’s holistic newsletter for informing us all about these eco-friendly backpacks for kids returning to school. The eco lunch bags, shown at right, also make sense for kids, though I’m not sure how a banana would […]

Visit here to read Beliefnet editor Sherry Huang’s lovely list of recently published spiritual books for children.

Oh man, I’m so jealous. The chef at Google’s company dining room serves staffers daily shots of Kombucha tea. Here’s how to make it at home. And here are the fermented beverage’s alleged benefits.

In late August…I’m sorry…my chattering thoughts drift to school harvest festivals, and Thanksgiving plane reservations and December gifts for family members. If you think your coming schedule is full, start paying attention to every wisdom tradition’s holiday! Not only are […]

“Life is dependent on the air around us, and the quality of life is dependent on the quality of air. In an atmosphere of Torah and mitzvot there is healthy life. The first general step in healing is to purify […]

There’s been a lot of press lately about the difficulty of selling homes where something awful has occurred: a murder, suicide, or even divorce. Some people feel spaces can be unlucky or cursed. Whether or not this is true, the […]

Two great articles related to Wednesday’s new moon in Virgo have been added to “Virgo is often harshly criticized for being a picky sign… But on a deeper level this sign’s dissatisfied restlessness is more often a symptom of […]

The New York Times Sunday magazine ran a long and inspiring article by Lisa Belkin about the arduous task of improving the nutritional quality of America’s school lunch programs. Results thus far with obese and at risk children are “cautiously […]

I am loving the cooler August mornings we’ve got going here. Bright sun. Breezes tinged with autumnal foreboding. Judaism has it right: This is the sweet ending of the old year. The farmer’s market was exploding with wonderful produce Saturday. […]