Chattering Mind

You know, as I was editing your posts about beauty above, my mind cast back to two icons of glamour when I was a tiny girl: Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe.

When my Dad was out of town, I sometimes stayed up with my mother to see movies or “The Jack Paar Show.” And by the time I was a disenfranchised artist-teen, Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe were my real goddess-heroes–alluring, sexy, in the brightest of bright lights. Wow.

They were both so talented, so crammed in the tight girdles of their epoch. Soooooo drunk, delicate, and lost!

I don’t know that Paris Hilton is any improvement. But I’m happy that many people–you, my readers anyway–are interested in developing a more holistic perspective regarding what being beautiful and glamourous is, maintaining relationships with healthier role models today than we did when we were young.

What goddesses did you adore when you were a child? Was the influence negative or positive, or both?

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