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A lot of you guys didn’t embrace the “Yoga Mom” moniker, and you haven’t bought into the notion that yoga moms have political clout…yet.


George Stephanopoulos didn’t call either.

One day, you’ll look back and say, “Chattering Mind called it.” Not that I have any ego invested…

Please, let’s keep talking about this. If I welcome to the demographic unmarried yoginis, anti-war pro-lifers, liberals who aren’t parents, women who were against the war but now want to finish what we started, plus all of their “green” friends, lovers, partners, and husbands, I’ll definitely have a broader constituency. But what is that, then? That’s just a really nice salad of greens. LOHASian (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) people. And maybe some Crunchy Cons. If we all we get together not everyone’s Down Dog will be good. But that’s okay. I can’t get my heels to the floor in that position either.

Let’s keep the Yoga Mom idea in play a little longer. I welcome more thoughts on the matter. What an election we’ll have in a couple of years! Are you looking forward?

Here are quotes from your posts:

From Daria: “Vitamin-watered, yoga moms pushing Bugaboo strollers through Whole Foods after class sounds more like lifestyle extension than political action. As a group, they seem too diverse and divided on the issues to be a cohesive political force.”

Ann Marie: “I am constantly shocked at how shallow our young women in America are today. Bring on the Yoga Moms, if they are socially conscious we may not need to delete as much.”

Nancey sees a new group coming comprised of “friendly, non-judgmental, active and passionate, good-natured people” who are “in a crazy world doing their part to be concious about many important things that affect all of us, soccer moms or not.”

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