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Today, I tried on my first pair of Masai Barefoot Technology shoes–the next big thing for your legs and feet, said to mimic the motion of walking barefoot on the beach. Corporate literature claims that wearing these sneaker-like sabots reduces stress on the joints.

Better still, the all-black style doesn’t look too dorky when paired with dark trousers.

I–I think I’m in love, but I didn’t buy. Yikes! With tax, they’re more than $250!

“…the unique uplifting lever-spring action of the MBT® sole challenges the core strengthening muscles to be more active. This reactive, more supportive muscle action creates good posture and increases shock absorption for all the joints, significantly reducing muscular-skeletal compression…” says one website.

The shoes I tried came with their own videotape that teaches you how to break them in. You begin by wearing them no more than an hour a day.

Is anyone out there enjoying a pair? Please share your experiences!

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