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There’s been a lot of press lately about the difficulty of selling homes where something awful has occurred: a murder, suicide, or even divorce. Some people feel spaces can be unlucky or cursed. Whether or not this is true, the belief that something unpleasant might recur is enough to energetically throw off potential purchases transactions. What to do?

Well, a lovely book just crossed my desk on this subject and much more: “The Mystical Guide to Home Inspection: Thoughts from a Holistic Home Inspector” by Faith Ranoli. I love this woman. I just want to hug her. “Everything is energy, even your emotions and thoughts,” she writes. Much of the volume is exceedingly practical, but toward the end you’ll find information on home numerology, space clearing, and energetic blocks that can impede happiness.

Take a look at Ranoli’s website which explains how she consults by telephone, and specializes in homes that are energetically complex.

Photo by Roger Smith

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