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Medical intuitive and mystic Caroline Myss sent the following around in her newsletter(which is always a riot of interesting thinking).

First of all, when a planet is at war, the entire vibration of the planet shifts to one of trauma. The physical war does not have to be fought on local territory in order for the people of that area to become affected or “infected” by the mental and emotional strain that is created as a result of the fear and violence of war. A person does not have to believe in the Armageddon myth to be affected by the toxic psychic field that it generates. All it takes is the combination of a passionate group of believers in the Armageddon myth – and Evangelicals certainly qualify for that, if nothing else – and anything that looks like proof that the myth is true. In this case, the war in the Middle East has all the right markings and prophetic omens. Such a combination infects the collective psychic like a poisonous homeopathic treatment, penetrating into the subtle energy bodies of every single human being. No matter who you are, you are being influenced by the vibration of this war and many prophecies that are emerging around it and because of it.

In a way, this reminds me of all the hysterics that preceded Y2K. Remember that? I remember this one guy – who I haven’t heard from since, thank God – who sat in his home in Washington State sending out email after email after email warning people about all the destruction that was going to happen by three minutes after midnight, January 1, 2000. I mean, according to this guy, absolutely no one was going to survive this turning of the millennium, except him, of course, and the rest of his happy little Washington State community because they were savvy enough to listen to him, a high-tech oracle who was able to predict the downfall of all technological systems and airports and computers and what have you. I mean he had people going nuts with his material. I met him once and listened to him try to convince me of the insanity that was just on the horizon. All the while I was looking right into his eyes…speaking of insane….as he described the stupidity of people who “just won’t listen” to the obvious signs that the end was near. It took me about thirty seconds to realize that this guy wanted the end to be near because he was building his identity on his predictions. He wanted death and destruction and global systems breakdowns and nightmares because that would prove he was right and every one else was wrong. This was a dangerous, dangerous man….all the more so because he thought of himself as so good.

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