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January 1, 1970 Archives

Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson says that this summer’s high temperatures have converted him to believe in global warming. Do you like him any better?

Send in a thousand grandmothers,They will surely volunteer.With their ancient wisdom flowing,They will lend a loving ear. First they’ll form a loving circleAround the wounded wing,Then contain the brutal beasts of warSweet freedom songs they’ll sing! A lullaby much strongerThan […]

In 1996, a Laguna Beach psychotherapist named Sharon McErlane was startled by a vision of a “council” of loving grandmothers who urged her to help balance the “masculine and feminine energies” of the earth. Ever since that day, McErlane has […]

Check out the cute photograph that has disgusted some 5,000 complaining readers of BabyTalk magazine. Oh, what a world, what a world!