Chattering Mind

Heavy rains here in New York.

And after the rain, the weeding! It seems the weeds in the Chattering family garden are growing two inches a day.

“Weeds want to tell a story. They are Nature’s way of teaching us, and their story is interesting,” writes Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer in “Weeds and What they Tell,” a sweet biodynamic gardening book on the mysteries of soil and what weeds “offer” the earth beneath them. If you give the soil what the weed provides, the weed will no longer be needed and may even disappear! This book is available on Amazon, but the page there didn’t feature a picture of the book, so I also gave you a more picturesque link. Here’s a Waldorf book site with this and other marvelous gardening titles. Scroll down once you get there.

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