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Living with EMFs

EMFs. No, it’s not “Evaporating Muppet Fans.” Nor is it ”Every Man’s Fantasy” or “Extraordinary Meditation Flexibility.” What it stands for is, of course, Electromagnetic Frequencies. You can’t run, you can’t hide from these invisible little suckers because they’re emitted by all your basic electronic appliances, from microwave to refrigerator to TV, computers to cellphones to track lighting. While many in alternative medicine consider excessive exposure to EMFs to be dangerous to the body, the jury is still out (according to some government-funded sites) about how damaging they are to humans. And, as always, there are skeptics. But don’t let that fool you.


For three years, I worked in an office that, unbeknowst to me, was situated directly over an enormous electrical transformer that powered the entire building. My co-workers and I frequently suffered from headaches, nausea, fatigue, and even sporadic rashes that, strangely, would only appear Monday through Friday. Then we found out about the transformer, and since we were certainly in no position to quit our job, we each did some research and found a whole world of devices people wear or place near themselves (I also got one of these for my cellphone), to protect from EMFs. They seemed to work; while not completely “cured,” we all felt much better after getting some of these.

What’s your opinion about EMFs? Do you notice any physical discomfort when you are around alot of electrical appliances?

(posted by Sera Beak, substituting this week for Amy)

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posted July 22, 2006 at 4:46 am

I guess I don’t notice discomfort, but I hear tachyon disks and black tourmaline crystals are good for this.>

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posted July 22, 2006 at 2:29 pm

This is really enlightening. It’s plausible this was the source of an environmental problem I had years ago. After changing offices to a renovated wing, I was plagued by flu-like symptoms, including headache, fatigue and nausea. My skin also itched like crazy. Though limited to M-F, I thought it might be my soap, lotion, and shampoo. So I changed them to the purest of pure. No change. Thinking the offender might be in the fabrics, carpeting & adhesives in the new office, we called in an environmental engineer. (imagine Ghostbusters) While entertaining, he didn’t resolve the problem; all measures were within range. So I ended up telecommuting and my symptoms were limited to those times when I was in the office for extended meetings. Two years later, the same thing happened when I promoted to another position and moved into another building. This renovated warehouse was also filled to the rafters with all the tools of technology. After the first day, I was nauseated, fatigued and itching. This time, my boss was disinclined to help diagnose and resolve the problem, and telecommuting wasn’t an option; after 13 months I left. As usual, within a day or two all of my symptoms vanished. It was only after my health was back to normal did I realize how severly it was compromised. Even now I shake my head, wondering why/how I persisted for so long. If I had known about EMFs when I was going through this, I would have investigated it further. As it is, I’ll never know what was the real source of my symptoms. And had I known about devices to counteract the effects, I would have used them. The links to further info about EMFs is valuable reading for anyone suffering from an undiagnosed or unexplainable illness that comes and goes with their enviroment. Thank you for the heads up.>

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Jude Craddock

posted July 23, 2006 at 5:48 pm

What a surprise to see this mentioned on Beliefnet! I have been suffering with EMF Sensitivity for about 8 years. Mine came right after having had 2 MRIs. I have pain in my head, my teeth,my chest muscles and also break out with rashes on my chest( and sometimes on my back) when exposed to some sources of emf. When it first happened, I had to cook with a propane campstove out in my screen room as even the burners from the electric stove sent emfs that I could painfully feel. We also had to put a refrigerator out in our storage shed some 20 feet from the house (and turn off the one in the house.) I couldn’t stand to vacuum… thank heavens my beloved hubby understood and took that over. I had to have a 13′ tv about 15 feet away, with emf screening over it in order to stand watching tv.And my computer made me break out in a sweat and feel the same pain. I still can’t wear a battery-powered watch, as it makes me more sensitive to electricity! But thankfully the only real “torture mechanisms,” as I call them, now, are fans of any sort, overhead lighting, and power lines. (We now live in a community with underground wiring and I am in way less pain here. But when I visit people in areas with even regular overhead power lines, I am miserable. I can predict when we are coming up to the heavy-duty ones way, way before they appear!) I do have some sensitive days where every electrical appliance etc., hurts me, but since moving out to the coast and getting physically healthier and stronger, ( I have chemical sensitivities as well,) I can lead a less painful, more normal life. I wear a Q-link and, along with a flat screen monitor am able to have a computer. Even with this, I have to limit my time on it, and also turn it off when I am not using it. I have read that chemical sensitivity often exists for people before they become emf sensitive. I also know when electrical storms are brewing. Thankfully, only fans, my heat pump, and overhead lighting cause severe pain now. I would love to continue correspondence with those who have similiar experiences. It is a very isolating condition… and very emotionally damaging when others can be in “normal” places and feel no pain, and I am feeling tortured and “wierdo.” Thanks, Jude>

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posted July 23, 2006 at 7:47 pm

i can feel these babies, i can tell you if the computer or tv in the next room is on or not. if htere is too much, i do get headaches. but i may be desensitizing myself because my bedroom is stacked with how many computers that are on?>

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posted July 24, 2006 at 6:51 pm

if i’m even near a tv or computer for very long i get awful headaches. it hurts worse if i’m actually looking at the screen, but i dont have to look for the pain to kick in. i never knew it could be because of emf’s . my cell phone gives me headaches as well and i dont even have to use it for very long. what is the deal with these emf’s are they very dangerous? and if they are of course the government will never say so until masses of people are dying, b/c it would hurt the economy to ban electrical appliances.>

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K Paul Smith,

posted July 24, 2006 at 6:54 pm

Sixty-cycle house current is the worst, NOT radio frequency. Improperly shielded motors and baseboard heaters are among the worst offenders. My $1000 Rainbow vacuum cleaner does not stimulate my fibromyalgia, but my $69 Shop Vac sends my muscles spasming in less than a minute. I accidentally sensitized myself to ELFs by sitting with a space heater running inches from my feet and a blow dryer running on high situated between my body and my keyboard and directed at my chest whenever I got cold, which is very often, even in the summer. I did this for years and years as an alternative to either heating my entire home or replacing my 1970’s-era, heat-leaking aluminum windows. Arthritis was diagnosed by an MD and documented with X-rays which looked as if the bones involved in my left hand and wrist had been eaten away by being dipped in acid. Interestingly, the arthritis only appeared in the three joints that sat directly on the blow dryer cord, though I never related the arthritis to the electricity at the time. Sometime years later, I noticed that the blow dryer cord was hot beneath my arm. Surprisingly, when I felt the cord, it was cool to the touch, but when I felt my skin which had been sitting on the cord, it was overheated where it had been in contact with the relatively cool cord. Since then, I have eliminated as much unshielded 60-cycle current I expose myself to as possible. I even leave home when I run my electric clothes dryer. However, I have been so sensitized that even when my neighbor’s electricity goes on, I feel pain. I replaced my own electric heaters with propane heaters, but during extremely cold weather, both my arthritis and my fibromyalgia flare up as if I was running my heat myself. I have to assume that the extreme pain I have felt during zero-degree weather was from my neighbor’s baseboard electric heat, since there is no way for me to know when his heat is on. I absolutely can feel the electricity when he runs his air conditioner in the summer, as he is doing now in our current heat wave. I know my neighbor does have baseboard heat, or at least that he did at one time, because our houses were built together, are mirror images of each other and that is what my house came with. Because I feel the pain from both his audible air conditioning and my own baseboard heat, I assume the pain I experience in the cold months is his baseboard heat. Even so, my most interesting experience is still when I sat in a living room full of people while an overhead ceiling fan tortured my muscles and pleased everyone else in the room by cooling us all. So long as I sat such that I did not face the center of the room where the fan was centered overhead, I felt the magnetic pull of the overhead fan as uneven and painfully twisting my skeleton as the sixty-cycle ELFs spasmed one side of my body more than the other. I turned to face the fan directly so that at least the pull on my body would be even. Apparently, the fan felt the pull of my body as much as my body felt the pull of the fan. As I turned to face the fan, it began to vibrate as it spun, making a horrible racket and threatening to jump off the ceiling onto the group assembled below. The homeowner immediately turned off the overhead fan. She said it had never done that before. I suggested that she turn it on low instead of completely off. I did not tell her that at the lower level, I could manage my pain while still allowing the others present to be cooled and that the magnetic interaction between my body and her fan would be insufficient to cause it to vibrate as it did on high. I did not offer to turn back sideways and end the problem that way. It is worthy of note that NewScientist Magazine reported less than a year ago on genetically-engineered mice who had a tendency toward epilepsy. These mice repeatedly died off in batches from uncontrolled seizures on the same day each week. Upon investigation, the investigators found that in every case, the mouse room had been vacuumed the night before. The investigators’ conclusion was that the SOUND, not the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD, was triggering the fatal epileptic seizures in the epilepsy-predispositioned mice. There was another interesting science article, also within the last year or so, about the effect electric blow dryer use has on EEGs. Interestingly, the sixty-cycle blow dryers in use in the USA had a much more pervasive effect on EEGs than the fifty-cycle blow dryers in use elsewhere in the world. I speculated, though the science article did not, that the difference in effect came not from the difference in frequency, but from the difference in amperage, the measure of how many coulombs of charge pass through a wire in a given period of time. It is current, not frequency, that determines the extent of the ELF surrounding the wire. Frequency determines how well an ELF broadcasts and is received at a distance. Current and coiling determine the extent of a magnetic field at and surrounding its source. Sixty-cycle blow dryers operate on half the voltage as fifty-cycle ones. This is because sixty-cycle house-current countries utilize 120 volts and fifty-cycle house-current countries utilize 240 volts. According to Watt’s Law therefore, sixty-cycle blow dryers draw twice the current to generate the same power as fifty- cycle blow dryers, and therefore, also generate a proportionately increased magnetic field. Perhaps it is this difference and not the difference in frequency which creates the greater change in blow dryer user EEGs in America than elsewhere. Perhaps YOU can spread the word on SIXTY-CYCLE ELFs. They are far more pervasive and far more detrimental than radio frequency ELFs in our modern society. We merely ignore the sixty-cycle ones because they are so prevalent that they create the background noise against which all other ELFs must be measured. However, if I am correct, and it is just slightly possible that I am, this ignored background noise may not just be a great contributing factor to fibromyalgia, arthritis, and just possibly epileptic seizures, it just might be the greatest one. Double-blind, scientific experimentation should be done as soon as possible to determine whether or not my insights and provisional conclusions are valid. YOU just might have the network of contacts, relationships and public visibility to bring this about. I apparently do not as I have been speaking of this now for years and have yet to influence the minds and actions of more than just a few individuals. .>

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posted July 25, 2006 at 9:40 pm

this is enlightening….wondering if I should not put my lap top on my lap!>

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