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EMFs. No, it’s not “Evaporating Muppet Fans.” Nor is it ”Every Man’s Fantasy” or “Extraordinary Meditation Flexibility.” What it stands for is, of course, Electromagnetic Frequencies. You can’t run, you can’t hide from these invisible little suckers because they’re emitted by all your basic electronic appliances, from microwave to refrigerator to TV, computers to cellphones to track lighting. While many in alternative medicine consider excessive exposure to EMFs to be dangerous to the body, the jury is still out (according to some government-funded sites) about how damaging they are to humans. And, as always, there are skeptics. But don’t let that fool you.

For three years, I worked in an office that, unbeknowst to me, was situated directly over an enormous electrical transformer that powered the entire building. My co-workers and I frequently suffered from headaches, nausea, fatigue, and even sporadic rashes that, strangely, would only appear Monday through Friday. Then we found out about the transformer, and since we were certainly in no position to quit our job, we each did some research and found a whole world of devices people wear or place near themselves (I also got one of these for my cellphone), to protect from EMFs. They seemed to work; while not completely “cured,” we all felt much better after getting some of these.

What’s your opinion about EMFs? Do you notice any physical discomfort when you are around alot of electrical appliances?

(posted by Sera Beak, substituting this week for Amy)

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