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The purchase of a family iPod seems to have accelerated the sweet Chattering boys’ interest in popular music. One song they particularly adore is a hit called “Just the Girl” by The Click Five. Here are the lyrics:

She’s cold and she’s cruel, but she knows what she’s doing.
She pushed me in the pool at our last school reunion.
She laughs at my dreams, but I dream about her laughter,
Strange as it seems, she’s the one I’m after.

‘Cause she’s bittersweet,
She knocks me off of my feet.
And I can’t help myself.
I don’t want anyone else.
She’s a mystery.
She’s too much for me.
But I keep coming back for more.
She’s just the girl I’m looking for!

She can’t keep a secret for more than an hour.
She runs on one-hundred-proof attitude power,

She’s cold and she’s cruel but she knows what she’s doing.
Knows just what to say, so my whole day is ruined!

And the more she ignores me, the more I adore her.
What can I do? I’d do anything for her!

I was slow to hook into this dittie’s view of longing and desire, since musically, it’s a catchy number.But yesterday, I turned down the volume when alone with my twelve-year-old and said, “You realize that the man singing this song is in love with someone who treats him terribly. She laughs at his dreams? She ruins his day? She’s…well, she’s…hardly compassionate!” I wanted to call her a “jerk.”

“Yes, Mom, I know that,” my son said dryly.

“Well, it’s alarming he’s so crazy about her when she treats him so badly. The idea is to like people who are nice to you, right?”

“Right, Mom. I get that. You don’t have to worry.”

“Well, I didn’t have time to worry yet.”

“It’s just a song. I like the music.”

“It’s a powerful song, I think, because this girl seems so alluring…You get lulled into thinking she’s very glamorous.”

“Don’t worry, Mommy. Some people like people just because they’re pretty.”

“Well, I know. That’s not lost on me.”

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