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Hard as he looked, Dr. Gastro found no ulcer. Just some inflammation of the stomach lining and lower esophogas.

I’m supposed to call him on Wednesday to find out what’s next. Because blood tests show I have antibodies to the H. pylori bacteria that causes peptic ulcers (something that approximately 30 percent of all people carry for years without event), antibiotics might be in store (since you really don’t want to hold on to the little buggers), but I am already taking a natural product called Bye-Lori morning and night. Mastic gum is the active ingredient; and testimonials claim it can reduce H. pylori levels dramatically. I’m also on a probiotic non-colonizing yeast from the health food store called Saccharomyces Boulardii, and it’s supposed to help cultivate healthy flora in my tum. So even if I ultimately go on the dreaded anti-my-bods (which I know, I know, could some day save my butt), I’ll have prepared my body somewhat. And Daria–yeah! Raw cabbage, cabbage juice, and cabbage soups are good for stomach inflammation generally. A huge head of locally-grown green cabbage is waiting for me in the refrigerator. Ahhh…it’s been there several days now. I guess I better dive into it. Can’t say I’m looking forward. Cole slaw recipes, anyone?

Remembering that my original problem–the presenting issue–was dietary anemia, I ate some delicious organic grass-fed beef liver this past week from McEnroe Farm. And I’m continuting with my iron supplements. Funny thing: Last September, I went to see an iridologist, someone who photographed the irises of my eyes and then analyzed them for health concerns. (Here are the irises of some relatively ill people.) And the iridologist said I showed the pronounced markings of someone with low stomach acid. I always intended to blog about this fascinating encounter, but I never did. What’s wrong with low stomach acid, I wondered? Here’s what: When stomach acid is low, you don’t assimilate all the nutrients food contains. So maybe that’s my core issue.

I haven’t yet mentioned that my blogging year seems to have cost me some vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin); blood tests showed that’s down in the dumps too. “You’re losing bone as we speak,” said my holistic nurse. Oh, and bad news for me and my kundalini: my testosterone levels are lost in the deep ocean blue. Like non-existent. Testosterone is thought of as a male hormone, but a woman’s sex drive relies on it, and it’s good for her bones too. In other words, I am waaay too feminine, floaty, and distanced from my masculine drive (iron too is a masculine ore).

Does this sound like a profile of a woman who doesn’t always get paid well for her work, thinks good intention will cure all, and cannot file a bill?

All this hooplah, all this insight, and I never felt sick. Don’t you think everyone should have blood drawn annually whether they present symptoms for health issues or not? I do!

Here’s what I imagine my angels are saying as they try to pull me back down to Earth: Don’t hide in the clouds, Chattering Mind! And don’t float in the bloggy ether. Dig in the soil! Sit in the sun. Eat some beef. Connect with the blood red root chakra, the seat of your relationship to the mother (yow, that’s a tough one), finances, sexuality, and survival.

So, I’m back in the saddle and I’ve got lots of ideas to share.

How’s your health? Dare I ask?

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