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Depending on your time zone, today and tomorrow mark the full moon celebration of the Hindu holiday Guru Purnima, a time to honor all gurus and teachers–and in India, a time to appreciate the coming rainy season.

Say a prayer to all those who have honored you, seen the seed of aliveness within you, taught you something new.

Here are some instructions on how to use this sacred time period:

Become a personification of receptivity. Empty yourself of your petty ego. All the treasures locked up in the bosom of Nature will become yours…Become pure and unattached as the mountain breeze. As the river flows continuously, steadily and constantly towards its goal, the ocean, so also let your life flow ceaselessly towards the supreme state of absolute Existence-Knowledge-Bliss, by letting all your thoughts, all your words and all your actions be directed only towards the goal.

…It is the full moon on the Purnima day that reflects in full splendour the glorious light of the sun. It glorifies the sun. Purify yourself through the fire of selfless service and Sadhana, and like the full moon, reflect the glorious light of the Self. Become the full reflectors of Brahmic splendour, the light of lights. Make this your goal: “I will be a living witness to divinity, the brilliant Sun of suns!”

And here’s a chant that’s also appropriate for this Hindu holiday.

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