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As someone who–no matter what new contraption I buy–just can’t find the most ergonomic writing/computer set up, I’ve suffered for years with occasional tendonitis in my wrists and hands. This annoying condition has caused me to take long breaks from my favorite yoga classes, so long that I’ve even had dreams in which I’m practicing asanas like I’m made out of some sort of Indian super rubber. I wake up in the morning sighing and saying to my yoga deprived-body “don’t worry, we’ll get back to it someday.”

Well, that day came sooner than expected when I was introduced not long ago to Gripitz. They’re very simple: Each is made of two thick foam blocks, connected by a strong rubber bar grip that allows me to hold my wrists in a more neutral position (as opposed to placing my palms flat on the floor, which can put enormous pressure on the tendons) when I do floor asanas. Great for downward dogs, sun salutations, headstands, push-ups and the like. I’m happy to report that, so far, after a few months of Gripitz use, no major pain in my wrists after class. Looks like this could be the end of my Super Yogini dreams….

(posted by Sera Beak, substituting for Amy this week)

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