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Ah, the glitter, pink wigs, loud electronic music and bare, sweaty torsos. No, this is not an urban yoga class, but rather the famous Love Parade that burst through Berlin this past weekend, where upward of a million joyous revelers danced by the Brandenburg Gate. This massive, city-as-nightclub event started in 1989, four months before the demolition of the Berlin Wall, and people have been dancing the love (minus a few years due to lack of funding) ever since, causing several other cities around the world to boogie down and copy, including San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, and Cape Town.

But in the midst of those throbbing beats, where’s the love in this giant, crazy dance party, you might ask? Exactly where it always is: between the hip and the hop, the dream and the reality, and most definitely behind the walls we have all built up around ourselves. Is it demolition time for any of your personal walls? Anything you need to dance out?

If you’re in the area, check out the San Francisco version in September.

(posted by Sera Beak, substituting for Amy this week)

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