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There’s a delightful, though pricey, Whole-Foods-and-more in Great Barrington called Guido’s, and I could set up shop there for a month and blog about all the goodies. Two things new to me this week: a gluten-free spice cake/carrot cake mix by the well-named baked-goods-supply company Namaste (it was only a matter of time). Mix in good oil, an egg, shaved carrots, and organic Hunza golden raisins and you have a carrot cake good for children with food sensitivites that tastes really terrific. (Even my Culinary Institute-trained friend Laura liked it.) Look for the Namaste label in your local health food store.

Also, this morning at Guido’s I purchased a new lemon-flavored toothpaste by Boiron, the homeopathic medicine manufacturer. As you may know, mint-flavored Crest or Colgate won’t cut it when you’re in cahoots with a professional homeopath since mint flavoring of any kind is believed by many to negate homeopathy’s subtle effects. (This really annoys the young Chattering boys since they think the intensely minty Altoids are the coolest, most desirable candies ever.) Myrrh or Fennel toothpaste by Tom’s of Maine used to be one of the only options, but now Boiron has introduced lemon-flavored “Homeodent.” I just opened a tube sitting here by my desk and the lemon taste and fragrance is really stupendous.

Downside: a 3.3 ounce tube cost me $6.29. But price doesn’t seem to stop people from visiting out-of-network healers.

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