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Oh gosh, don’t you just hate it? Another study stays that the famous 12-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous is no better than other rehabilitation methods.

I can’t be entirely rational on this one. I think AA is terrific, and it has saved the lives of several dear friends. I attended many Al-Anon (child of alcoholic) meetings in my twenties, and while sometimes dreary (“Hi, I’m Greg and I’m the son of an abusive, alcoholic, raging idiot…”) the gatherings always helped. They also pointed me toward health and healing, a realm of study that has benefited me more than I can express. Unfortunately, my alcoholic mother was always searching for excuses as to why AA wasn’t right, so she never entered a “recovery” period. Perhaps AA failed her in the end; maybe something else could have helped. But I recoil when I see the program that has helped so many take a hit. It allows alcoholics who’re still drinking to say, “I’m not going! AA isn’t so great!”

Have you or a friend had an experience with a good recovery method? Tell us about it.

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