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Just so you know, I like to dye my hair. Sometimes highlights, sometimes dark, sometimes something in-between. And like many health-conscious women, I found the harsh chemicals they rubbed into my skull every couple months to be a little troubling (not to mention how that nasty synthetic smell used to keep both boyfriend and my pet parrot on the far side of the couch). Well, Aveda to the rescue. I’ve recently started going to an Aveda salon where the dye is 99-percent chemical free. At first I was skeptical of how it might look. I mean, how could modest plant-derived dye possibly be as good as that scalp-scorching chemical stuff? But the color is amazing, and I walk out the door with shiny healthy hair that smells like lavender, not some 8th grade science experiment gone wrong.

Have you ever tried natural hair dye?

(posted by Sera Beak, substituting this week for Amy)

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