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Mata Amritanandamayi (Mother of Immortal Bliss) a.k.a Ammachi, a.k.a. Amma (mother), is a simply wondrous Indian spiritual teacher known as the “hugging saint” for her life-long practice of giving a genuine divine loving squeeze to all who come see her. She’s back again, touring North America and spreading her love across this continent like a fine cosmic perfume. Call it Ammapalooza 2006. She’s in Boston till the 21st of July and Toronto till the 26th and if you haven’t been hugged by this living saint yet, it’s very worth the trip.

As someone who’s been around quite a few gurus, most of whom tend to give darshan with a gentle look, the touch of a soft peacock feather, or possibly, maybe, a light tough on the forehead, I’m constantly astounded that Amma gets down and dirty with us mere mortals. As she gathers us up in her arms, she gently caresses our faces and wipes away our tears, our baby’s drool, and even pet dander. It’s estimated that she’s hugged upward of twenty million people, and I gotta say, no matter when I’ve gotten the squeeze, she’s always smelled quite potently like fresh roses (I’m really curious what type of deodorant she wears). But I digress. To me, Amma represents the divine feminine in action, Shakti with a rose between her teeth, compassion unfiltered. Love is love is love, no matter what tradition or spiritual practice you follow, and to witness it in one of it’s purest forms is a gift not to be passed over. Run to her, mere mortals, run.

Have you been hugged by Amma? What was it like?

(posted by Sera Beak, substituting this week for Amy)

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