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My acupuncturist just emailed me an amazing announcement. She’s off to New Orleans to volunteer for Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB). It’s a wonderful organization, and all I can say is, thank the deity of tiny needles that the West is now more open to using this powerful natural practice to help with healing human trauma. Here’s how it works: Like Doctors Without Borders, AWB volunteers travel to places that have suffered large-scale traumatic events (like Hurricane Katrina) and offer free acupuncture in group settings. What many people still don’t know (but are realizing in increasing numbers as study after study proves it) is that acupuncture can work wonders in helping to heal psychological and emotional traumas, not to mention your everyday injuries and stresses (I know it helped me tremendously this past year when I was going crazy from writing deadlines).

Do you know of any acupuncturists who might be interested in helping out AWB? What has acupuncture done for you lately?

(posted by Sera Beak, substituting this week for Amy)

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