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A Reader: It Takes War to End War

Thanks to reader Moni who wrote this in response to that unsettling Cormac McCarthy quote about peaceniks being the first to give up their souls and their freedom:

“I believe that what McCarthy is saying is true for now. People who don’t fight for their freedom and are unwilling to die for it pay the ultimate price–the corruption and death of their souls due to their inability to freely express themselves and worship God in the way that they need to. It is terrible and extremely sad that our world is this way now. Until everyone is ready to give up violence and war, the countries who offer their citizens religious tolerance, multiculturalism, freedom of speech and equal rights need to help the citizens of rest of the world gain their freedom.


“We will only be able to live in harmony and lay down our weapons when we are all free. Until then, if the free don’t fight, genocides and holocausts will continue to occur until only one culture and one religion under one dictatorship is left. I believe that we, humans, have the ability to eventually get there. After our survival needs are met, we all want freedom. We just need to fight our tendency to bully and subjugate others who are less powerful. I pray and hope that violence and war is eradicated in my lifetime. It will most likely take violence and war to accomplish this.”

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posted July 29, 2006 at 3:58 am

I don’t understand. I need to fight and be willing to die for my freedom, but be willing to give up violence and war? Did you read the recent AP article about the 2 teachers in an Iowa school where Bush was talking to students? One had a Kerry button on, and and other wore a button saying Stop the War Now. They were both arrested and strip searched. Ann Coulter plagiarizes a book calling liberals Godless and it’s #1. Clearly we in the U.S. no longer have reliougous tolerance or freedom of speech. Who’s going to save us? Some other, more tolerant and evolved, coutnry? I would like to think but voting non-republican in the next round of elections Americans could express themselves but with Democrats allowing the last 2 elections to be stolen I’ve come to feel my vote means nothing. I’m turning third party.>

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posted July 29, 2006 at 10:04 pm

The name slips me, but the radical Muslim terrorist leader recently announced on TV, that they intend to take over the world by killing all people who do not embrace Islam. Their goal is world dominance. There will be no exceptions and they will obtain this goal using any method necessary. On 9/11 the depth of their hate became public. They believed our spoiled nation would fold under such an attack. I supported George Bush then and I support him now. I certainly wish there was a different way but there is not. Here is how I view the voting choices. (Remember, our ancestors waged more than one long and bloody war for freedom.) Vote Republican to keep all our freedoms (but you must be willing to fight and die to keep these freedoms.) Vote Liberal (Democrat) which allows illegal aliens more rights than citizens; ACLU works to free child sexual predators and serial killers and put pedophiles back in your neighborhood; ignores terrorist cells, supports able bodied people with tax money in order to buy votes; hates Christians and is willing to go to any length to support Islamic terrorists; willing to sell our nations freedoms down the river. Liberals are the “give-away” party. (Sadly, I am a registered Democrat that has seen the party eroded by Liberals over the decades. It is not the once proud party that stood for workers rights. They have sold out for cheap labor of illegal aliens.) John McCain pays waitresses in Benson, Arizona $2.00 per hour as it is a right-to-work state which gets to ignore minimun wage. Go figure since it is on the border with Mexico! But John is rich! Why should he care. Vote 3rd party and make sure your vote doesn t count at all. I am reading Ann Coulters book, Godless. In part, she reveals details of headline stories the Liberal media (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC) left out during their relentless national broadcasts. They have dominated the airways for years. It is time to hear another side of the story. Yes, she was hard on the 9/11 widows but it does seem they were interested more about the money. Before you decide what party to choose, think about this. We are in a Freedom War 1 of world-wide proporations. How you vote will determine the way our country handles terrorists. It is your future. How do you want to live? Do you want to be dominated by Islam or have freedom? It is simple as that.>

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posted July 30, 2006 at 1:11 am

Doesn’t the bible say blasphemy is the only unforgivable sin? Isn’t blasphemy saying you are God, saying you have the right to judge another’s soul? I am a Christian and a liberal. I will not allow the religious right and/or the Bush administration to take my religion away from me, or hijack it the way Bush said Bin Laden hijacked Islam. I am nicely declaring that I will not stand for anyone to say that liberals (as if that label, like the moniker conservative, means anything anmore – they long ago outlived their usefulness) hate Christians. If I’m a liberal and a Christian, you’re saying I hate myself. And frankly, I think I’m pretty darn groovy. So you worry about your own soul and I’ll take care of mine.>

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