Chattering Mind
January 1, 1970 Archives

When despair for the world grows in meand I wake in the night at the least soundin fear of what my life and my children’s life may be,I go and lie down where the wood drakerests in his beauty on […]

If you will think of ourselves as coming out of the Earth, rather than having been thrown in here from somewhere else, you see that we are the Earth, we are the consciousness of the Earth. These are the eyes […]

Don’t miss Newsweek’s cover story “Going Green,” currently on the stands and online. I’m taking Newsweek’s full-page photo of San Diego’s hydrocarbon-free dry-cleaning store to my own dry cleaner. He’ll probably say he can’t swing it, but I know the […]

Yesterday, I took the Chattering boys (ages nine-and-a-half and 12) to see “An Inconvenient Truth,” the documentary about Al Gore’s lecture on global warming. Midway through, the nine-year-old began to sniff, wipe away tears, and then sob in great heaves […]