Chattering Mind

* Biodegradeable sunscreen. (Mr. C. is actually worried I will think of nothing but skin cancer as I vacation with the whole Chattering family on the U.S. Virgin Islands this week.)

* Yoga clothes. The hotel wisely boasts of classes.

* A good looking hat.

* A small travel umbrella. It’s hurricane season down there.

* K-Mart flip-flops with a bright blue chrysanthemum blossom at the toe.

* “Rudolf Steiner: An Illustrated Biography” by Johannes Hemleben. (Rudolf Steiner was a turn-of-the-century philosopher and mystic whose thoughts on education, farming, religion, and death, inspire me. I’ve never read a biography of him.)

* “Scriabin: A Biography” by Faubion Bowers. (Alexander Scriabin was a turn-of-the-century composer and Theosophist. I’ve been half wondering if I’m a Theosophist–someone who feels that all of the world’s great religious have validity, and that though current events seem dire, they are intelligently moving forward toward the good.)

* A flamboyantly red petticoat (very fluffy!) purchased at a flea market for $15 Saturday. How did it know I’d be there? It is good Feng Shui, divine, and kicky flaming out from under my calf-length black skirt.

* A big glass bottle of Floradix, an easily-digestible liquid iron supplement. But should I risk breakage by packing it? Or fear airport security take it from me? Note to CM reader Fatima Kahn: Yes, I’m going to a doctor who will lead me to an anemia specialist when I return to New York.

* Sketch books, and a set of British watercolour pencils. I’m excited that my two sweet sons are now old enough to really paint on the beach with me.

* Snorkle gear, two swim suits, a map of coral reefs.

* A desire to come back to my blog, and its readers, well rested and all fired up!

In my absence, enjoy the thoughts and musings of Valerie Reiss,’s uniquely talented spirituality producer. Blessings to you!

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