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When I was 19 I came across my first SARK book–in an independent Australian bookstore–Inspiration Sandwich. It was definitely that. Blasting with hand-crafted color and realness and spiritual creativity I quickly fell in love with Sarah Ariel Rainbow Kennedy. She talked about how you can create whatever you want if you only follow your bliss, do what you love and believe in the power of benevolent magic. She drew a tiny cottage that she got by coincidence and twinkling, sweet magic. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Now that I’m quite a bit crustier, her books don’t appeal as much–they often seem to be saying the same thing. But whenever I think back to my moment of discovery and reassured my heart felt, I want to tell people who might not know about SARK. I just went to her website (she’s been online from the very early days of the Internet), and found a very cool thing among all the colorful SARKness. It’s the Jupiter oracle. He’s her black cat, perched on the back of a chair. You ask a question and click. I asked about something (it’s a secret) and it said: “Risk Now,” which felt about right.

I invite you to check her out for a breath of creative fresh air.

–by Valerie Reiss (Amy’s on vacation)

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