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Forgive me if you’re not interested in petticoats in any context, and fail to see their spiritual meaning. Perhaps I’m resolving something from a past life. But I’m the proud owner of two major petticoats right now: one in Chinese red that I purchased at a street market several weeks ago, and the aforementioned white one with bells was acquired through from a British petticoat maker. For some reason, petticoats are very big in Great Britian. Remants of Dickens, perhaps. You could probably find a good one in the formal department of your hometown thrift shop. Here are a few images to give you a sense of what I’m talking about. This one is cute, but too short, here’s one in a lovely color designed to be worn under a saree, here is a fabulous one in black (but obviously, you have to wear another skirt or dress over it), and here and here are two more I just like a lot.

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