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Okay everybody, stretch your arms to the ceiling, roll your shoulders forward and back, and by all means (please!) take a baby bunny/kitten break right here at your desk! Want more? is pretty adorable too. Oxytocin is that […]

Over vacation, I read a biography of Christian philosopher Rudolf Steiner and picked up the following prayers, which he is said to have recited every day. The first is his version of the Lord’s Prayer, and it seems to have […]

I found these yoga mat totes quite gorgeous. Yes, I know there’s a slightly obnoxious flavor to some of the folks who strut around town with pretty yoga sacks on their backs, exalting in their stylish spiritual health. But what […]

Got a note yesterday from Pamela Miles, author of “Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide,” reminding me that PBS is airing a documentary about five children facing cancer–“A Lion in the House”–tonight and Thursday evening. “Seeing others’ conflicts and pain helps us […]

The Chattering boys and I are developing a way they can enjoy unstructured time at home or on the block while I blog (now that school is out and camp hasn’t started). I found some nice tips on how to […]

“The longer we practice in relationship together, the more the heat builds. Sometimes the energy is warm; other times it burns. Still, there is only one thing to practice: gentleness, fearlessness, and the deepening of compassion for self and other. […]

One of my favorite writers, Waverly Fitzgerald, has launched a blog called “A Flower a Day” in which she provides sweet facts about the flowers, plants, and trees of the month, as well as tidbits on their mythology, and medicinal […]

I noticed something painful this vacation, and that is, I don’t enjoy seeing myself in family photographs these days. We’re all getting older, right? And digital photography allows us to see ourselves immediately after a photo is taken. “Ahhhh…better delete […]

We didn’t expect to see one. Even the bikini-clad gal at the snorkle shed admitted that she’d only seen two in the last year. But my nine-year-old son desperately wanted to see a sea turtle in its natural habitat, so […]

The mailbox was brimming with catalogs when I came home after nine days away. I had two favorites. “Garden’s Alive” is a wonderful source for every conceivable organic or natural gardening product. I’m about to order its herbicide, Moss Aside, […]